French Coast Café Performing at the Fairfax Funky Flea

Let Carole Bausell and French Coast Café, with guest artist accordionist Justin Paschalides, transport you to a bit of Paris for an afternoon with their performance on Saturday, July 30 at noon at the Fairfax Funky Flea, Fairfax City’s own version of the Paris Flea Market. We will be set up at the Fairfax City Hall parking lot, 10455 Armstrong Street, Fairfax, VA (behind the City Hall building). With Carole Bausell on vocals and Larry Golfer on bass, come hear traditional and contemporary French tunes by Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt, Georges Brassins, Charles Trenet and others. A bientôt!

Listen to Our Latest Recordings

Several weeks ago, we were at Cue Studios in Falls Church to record several of our songs. Here are the results. Included are the tunes Maintenant, Menilmontant, La samba de mon coeur qui bat, and Consider Me Gone. Click on the links BELOW to hear them. (Note: the songs on the right side of this page are some of our own home-made recordings, so be sure to click the one’s below for the professional recordings.)

Huge thanks to guest artist Rod Goad who performed on drums and percussion and Ken Schubert, Chief Engineer at Cue Studios, who took care of all the technical details to produce these recordings.

French Coast Café is Carole Bausell on vocals, David Savage on cornet and harmonica, Duane Siler on guitar, and Larry Golfer on bass.

We hope you enjoy these songs.



La samba de mon coeur qui bat

Consider Me Gone

Recording Session

French Coast Cafe had its first recording session at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA. Ron Goad was our guest artist on percussion. Here are some photos of that session. Photography by J. Larry Golfer.

Ken Shubert of Cue Studios, left, with David Savage warming up on harmonic.
Carole in the recording booth.
Carole getting into character, lead vocalist for French Coast Cafe.
Carole in the recording booth.
Our guitarist, Duane Siler, warming up.
Ron Goad, our guest percussionist/drummer, with Carole.
Ron Goad getting ready for the recording.
Carole, David and me.
Carole in the recording booth.
Carole in the recording booth.
Carole and David.

Update: Clips and Video Added! JV’s and Epicure Café Host Musical Trio French Coast Café


French Coast Café recently performed at JV’s Restaurant  in Falls Church and was one of the acts in Ron Goad’s Songwriter’s Showcase at the Epicure Café in Fairfax, VA. Click HERE to view a video from our performance at JV’s. Upcoming gigs include a private party this month and a special gig as the featured act at the Epicure. Mark you calendars and come out to the Epicure on Wednesday, July 26, 7:30-11:30pm.

We’ll be posting about other appearances as we ramp up for performing in 2017.

If you have an event where you’d like to enchant your guests with the French vocal stylings of Carole Bausell with her band members Duane Siler on guitar and Larry Golfer on electric bass, playing everything from Edith Piaf to gypsy jazz, listen to a preview of clips HERE, and then contact us at