Carole Performs At Carli’s Cafe, San Juan, Puerto Rico

During our recent holiday in  Puerto, Rico, we dined at Carli’s Cafe in Old San Juan. Carli Munoz, the cafe owner, was the keyboardist for the Beachboys from 1970-1980. He’s been a jazz pianist ever since. We had met Carli several years ago and I had photographed him them. See this link:…/larrygol/albums/72157640946553224

Visiting with Carli before he  went on, we told him we had started a musical trio and Carole was the vocalist. After we enjoyed the first set of his wonderful, lush piano playing, during a break, Carole was invited to come up and sing our French-English version of “Autumn Leaves.”  It was a thrill for Carole and the audience loved her.

Here are some photos from that evening:

Carole at Carli



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